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Maxi skip hire services cater to the specific waste removal needs of larger-scale commercial and industrial projects. These skips are designed to accommodate significant quantities of waste, making them ideal for extensive construction endeavors, building demolition or renovation, as well as commercial and industrial waste disposal.

Maxi skips are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 10 to 18 cubic yards or even larger. They offer substantial capacity, with the ability to hold between 80 to 180 bin bags of waste. This makes them well-suited for projects generating significant amounts of debris and waste materials.

Maxi Skip Hire Dimensions

The dimensions of a maxi skip hire services can vary depending on the specific skip hire service and the size of the skip chosen. While the exact measurements may differ slightly between different providers, here are some approximate dimensions for common sizes of maxi skips.

A 10-yard skip typically has dimensions of approximately 3.66m (12ft) in length, 1.68m (5.5ft) in width, and 1.68m (5.5ft) in height. This size provides a significant amount of space for waste disposal, making it suitable for medium-sized construction or renovation projects.

For slightly larger projects, a 12-yard skip is commonly used. It typically has dimensions of approximately 3.66m (12ft) in length, 1.68m (5.5ft) in width, and 1.98m (6.5ft) in height. The additional height of this skip allows for the disposal of bulkier items, making it ideal for projects generating a moderate amount of waste.

A 14-yard skip offers even greater capacity. With dimensions of approximately 4.07m (13.4ft) in length, 1.76m (5.8ft) in width, and 1.98m (6.5ft) in height, it can accommodate larger quantities of waste. This size is often suitable for larger construction or demolition projects.

For more substantial waste disposal needs, a 16-yard skip is commonly utilized. It typically has dimensions of approximately 4.57m (15ft) in length, 1.76m (5.8ft) in width, and 1.98m (6.5ft) in height. This larger size is well-suited for extensive construction or renovation projects that generate a significant amount of waste materials.

The largest commonly available size is the 18-yard skip, which offers even greater capacity. With dimensions of approximately 5.49m (18ft) in length, 1.76m (5.8ft) in width, and 1.98m (6.5ft) in height, it can handle substantial volumes of waste. This size is often used for major construction or demolition projects that generate large quantities of debris and waste materials.

It’s important to note that these dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the specific skip hire service you choose. To ensure accuracy and suitability for your project, it’s always best to check with the specific service provider to confirm the exact dimensions of their maxi skip options.

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Maxi Skip Hire Prices​

The cost of hiring a maxi skip is influenced by several factors that can vary between different skip hire services. Key factors include the size of the skip required, the duration of the hire period, and the location of the skip hire service. It’s important to note that while I can provide estimates, it’s always advisable to reach out to the specific service provider to obtain an accurate quote based on your unique needs.

The size of the maxi skip hire services you choose will have a direct impact on the cost. Larger skips generally have higher rental prices compared to smaller ones due to their increased capacity and handling requirements. The duration of the hire period is another consideration. Typically, longer hire periods incur higher costs than shorter durations, as the skip will be occupied for an extended period.

In addition to the base cost of hiring a maxi skip, it’s essential to consider the possibility of additional fees for specific types of waste. Certain skip hire services may charge extra fees for the disposal of hazardous waste, electrical appliances, or other specialized materials. These additional charges reflect the unique handling and disposal requirements associated with such waste categories.

To ensure clarity and avoid any surprises, it’s crucial to communicate with the skip hire near me service directly and inquire about any additional fees that may apply to your specific waste disposal needs. By discussing your project details and the types of waste you intend to dispose of, the service provider can provide you with precise information regarding any potential extra charges.

Benefits of Maxi Skip Hire​

Maxi skip hire services offers a range of benefits for individuals and businesses in need of a larger waste disposal solution. From convenience and efficiency to cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability, maxi skips provide an effective means of managing substantial amounts of waste. Whether you’re undertaking a construction project, clearing out a commercial space, or tackling a major renovation, understanding the benefits of maxi skip hire can help you make informed decisions for your waste management needs. Let’s explore the advantages of using maxi skips and how they can simplify your waste disposal process while offering numerous benefits.

Ample Capacity

Maxi skips are designed to provide substantial capacity, making them ideal for handling significant quantities of waste. With sizes ranging from 10 to 18 cubic yards or more, maxi skips can accommodate between 80 to 180 bin bags of waste. This ample capacity is particularly beneficial for larger construction, renovation, or demolition projects where a significant amount of debris and waste materials are generated.


Maxi skip hire services offer versatility in waste disposal, allowing for the removal of various waste types. Whether you need to dispose of construction debris like bricks, concrete, and timber, or bulky items such as furniture or garden waste, maxi skips can handle a wide range of materials. This versatility simplifies the waste management process and ensures efficient disposal for diverse project needs.


By opting for a maxi skip, you can streamline your waste management process and save time and costs associated with multiple smaller skip hires or frequent waste removal trips. The larger capacity of maxi skips reduces the need for frequent emptying, allowing you to focus on your project without interruptions. Furthermore, consolidating waste in a single maxi skip can often be more cost-effective compared to multiple smaller skips, providing potential cost savings.


Maxi skips offer convenience and time savings in waste disposal. Instead of making multiple trips to the local landfill or waste management facility, you can conveniently dispose of your waste in a single container. Maxi skips eliminate the hassle of transporting waste, saving you time, effort, and fuel costs. With same-day delivery options and flexible hire periods offered by many Maxi skip hire services, you can easily manage your waste disposal according to your project’s timeline.

Acceptable & Non Acceptable Waste

Maxi skips offer a versatile solution for handling larger volumes of waste, catering to a wide range of commercial and industrial waste disposal needs. Here are some examples of acceptable and non-acceptable waste typically associated with maxi skip hire:

Acceptable Waste:

  • Construction Waste: This includes materials like bricks, concrete, tiles, and other debris generated during construction or renovation projects.

  • Demolition Waste: Maxi skips are suitable for disposing of rubble, broken concrete, and other demolition-related debris.

  • General Household Waste: Furniture, appliances, and other non-hazardous household items can be safely disposed of in maxi skips.

  • Garden Waste: Soil, branches, leaves, and other green waste from landscaping or gardening activities can be accommodated in maxi skips.

  • Commercial and Industrial Waste: Cardboard, paper, plastics, and other non-hazardous waste commonly generated by commercial and industrial operations can be efficiently managed with maxi skips.

Non-Acceptable Waste:

  • Hazardous Waste: Skip hire services usually have restrictions on hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, oils, and other substances that pose a threat to human health or the environment.

  • Electrical Equipment: Televisions, computers, refrigerators, and other electronic devices require specialized disposal methods and should not be placed in maxi skips.

  • Medical Waste: Needles, biohazardous materials, and other medical waste should be handled separately and in compliance with specific regulations.

  • Batteries and Other Hazardous Waste Materials: Skip hire services typically do not accept batteries, gas bottles, tires, or other potentially dangerous waste items.

It’s essential to note that different skip hire services may have their own specific guidelines and restrictions on acceptable waste. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult with the service provider to ensure compliance and proper waste disposal practices.

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