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Midi skip hire services offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for individuals and businesses seeking to manage waste responsibly. These skips, designed specifically for smaller projects like home renovations or garden clearances, are a great alternative to larger builders’ skips. Ranging from 4-5 cubic yards, they are perfect for limited spaces while accommodating a significant amount of waste. 

What sets medium skip hire services apart is the ease and convenience they provide. By delivering the skip directly to your doorstep, you have a hassle-free way to dispose of unwanted materials and rubbish, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

Midi Skip Hire Dimensions​

When you choose our company, you can expect midi skip hire services that are thoughtfully designed and constructed, typically ranging from 4 to 5 cubic yards in size. These skips boast dimensions of approximately 1.83m (6ft) in length, 1.29m (4.23ft) in width, and 1.07m (3.51ft) in height, although slight variations may occur depending on our equipment.

Don’t be fooled by the smaller size of our midi skip hire services they pack a punch when it comes to waste capacity. Perfectly suited for a wide range of projects, whether it’s a home renovation, garden clearance, or DIY endeavor, our midi skips can handle materials such as bricks, rubble, soil, and general household waste with ease.

Convenience is a top priority for us. That’s why we offer doorstep delivery, bringing the midi skip directly to your location. This eliminates the hassle of multiple trips to waste disposal facilities and allows you to focus on your project without any waste management worries. Our prompt and reliable delivery service ensures that your skip arrives on time, ready to be filled up.

With their compact size, our midi skip hire services are particularly well-suited for projects where space is limited. Whether you have a small driveway, tight corners, or restricted access areas, our skips can fit seamlessly, making waste disposal hassle-free even in urban environments or properties with limited outdoor space.

To ensure that you receive the most suitable skip for your project, we encourage you to discuss your specific requirements with our team. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you in selecting the right size and type of skip to meet your waste disposal needs effectively.

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Midi Skip Hire Prices

The cost of hiring a midi skip from us may vary based on factors such as your location, the duration of the hire, and the amount of waste you need to dispose of. Rest assured, we aim to keep our prices reasonable and affordable, making midi skip hire an attractive choice for smaller projects.

On average, our midi skip hire prices range from £120 to £200, providing a cost-effective solution for waste disposal needs. However, please keep in mind that these figures are estimates, and the final price may depend on specific factors unique to your situation. We are committed to providing transparent pricing, and our team will be more than happy to provide you with a detailed and accurate quote tailored to your requirements.

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, we also offer additional options to meet your specific needs. These options may include same-day delivery, extended rental periods, or additional waste removal services. While these services may incur an additional cost, they can enhance your experience and streamline your waste management process.

To get an accurate pricing quote for your midi skip hire services needs, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We will gladly discuss your project details, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a comprehensive and competitive pricing package.

Benefits of Midi Skip Hire​

Midi skips offer a range of benefits that make them a preferred choice for efficient and hassle-free waste disposal. These versatile skips, with their medium size and capacity, are ideal for a variety of projects, from home renovations and garden clearances to minor construction work. The benefits of midi skip hire include convenience, cost-effectiveness, time savings, and a simplified waste management process. With their ability to accommodate a substantial amount of waste, midi skips provide a practical solution that allows homeowners, builders, and landscapers to dispose of materials responsibly and without the need for multiple trips to the dump.

Space Efficiency

Midi skips are designed to optimize space utilization. Their medium size allows them to fit comfortably in driveways, tight corners, or areas with limited access. This makes them an excellent choice for urban areas or properties with restricted outdoor space. With a midi skip, you can efficiently manage your waste without compromising on available space.


Midi skip hire provides a cost-effective waste disposal solution. The pricing structure for these skips is generally more affordable compared to larger skips. This ensures that you can manage your waste disposal within a reasonable budget. By choosing midi skip hire, you avoid unnecessary costs associated with multiple dump visits or renting skips larger than your needs.


Midi skips are highly versatile and cater to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re undertaking a home renovation, garden clearance, or minor construction work, these skips are perfectly suited for medium-sized tasks. Their size and capacity make them ideal for efficiently managing the waste generated from such projects.


One of the primary advantages of midi skip hire is the convenience it offers. Instead of making multiple trips to the dump, a single midi skip can accommodate all your waste disposal needs. This saves you time, effort, and transportation costs associated with multiple journeys. With a midi skip on-site, you can conveniently dispose of various materials without the hassle of loading and unloading waste from your vehicle.

Acceptable & Non Acceptable Waste

When hiring a midi skip for waste disposal, it’s important to understand what types of waste are acceptable and non-acceptable. 

Acceptable Wastes for Midi Skip:

  • General Household Waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Construction Debris (small amounts)
  • Renovation Waste (non-hazardous)
  • Furniture and Appliances (non-hazardous)

Non-Acceptable Wastes for Midi Skip:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Liquids
  • Medical Waste
  • Gas Cylinders and Pressurized Containers

t’s important to check with the midi skip hire service provider for specific guidelines on acceptable and non-acceptable waste, as restrictions may vary depending on the location and type of service. Disposing of non-acceptable waste in a midi skip can result in additional charges or penalties, as well as potential harm to the environment and public health.

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